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Please Listen To My Demo

The fairgrounds is going to undergo demolition and guess how much it's going to cost you?

1.2 million in ARPA monies.

Mind you, HUD allocated money for housing on that land. There is no housing so I'm sure a sanction has been levied.

Think about that when you ride by the Audra Francis center on Webber.

Think about that when you ride by Trinity.

Think about that when you ride by the beautiful park across the street from New Life that is absent a splash pad because the request has repeatedly been denied.

We told y'all to be actively involved in the ARPA discussion before anybody was even familiar with the acronym.

Voting is your first step. Getting involved is your quantum leap.

Quit letting them play in your face.


Rosemary Dugan is the Hospitality Director for Saginaw CAP, as well as an Executive Board member & a lead contributor in literary pieces on building community power.

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