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About Us

Mission Statement


Community Alliance for the People is a local, community-driven organization that works to benefit the lives of City of Saginaw residents by advocating for issues that support the principles of equity and justice. We strive to make local government accessible and accountable, as well as educate and empower individuals to affect meaningful change. 




Saginaw CAP wishes to grow its capacity and breadth by formalizing into an official 501c3 nonprofit organization and eventually forming a 501c4 as well. We believe that having an organization to host direct electoral engagement work is a tool that Saginaw desperately needs. No other organization currently serves Saginaw residents that actively engages the community in political advocacy. Over the next year, we we will continue to partner with Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan as a fiscal sponsor to set us on the right track to crafting a 5- and 10-year plan, growing our partnership networks, training our leaders, and organizing our internal structures to be sustainable and scalable. 




Our Story

Saginaw CAP was formed in February 2021, first as an outreach and education tool to reach Saginaw residents around the city’s American Rescue Plan Act dollars. Since then, we have worked with statewide civil rights groups and advocacy organizations to accomplish several goals: in 2021, we conducted citywide surveys and meetings to educate and inform the community on Saginaw’s ARPA dollars, and also pressured the City to adopt a water shutoff moratorium that halted water shutoffs for 750 households. In 2022, we successfully advocated for the creation of a city ARPA commission, and stopped a city effort to rezone a Northside Saginaw residential area as ‘industrial.’ 

Our CAP core members are Jeff Bulls, Nyesha Clark-Young, Denita Dorsey, Rosemary Dugan, Imani Clark, and Pastor Hurley Coleman, Jr.

CAP convenes weekly via digital conference call on Wednesdays at noon. 

Meet The Team

Our Partners

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