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Community Policing: What's next??

After two incredible CAP Talk events with the community regarding policing, it begs to question: Where do we go from here??

So many powerful stories were brought up. Pain pierced our souls as our fellow sisters and brethren told the world what happened to them or their loved ones at the hands of police.

Example after example reminding us of how an entity that's supposed to serve the publics best interest, but instead crumbling the hopes and dreams of many, inciting fear & disgust along the way.

The answer isn't so simple.

It requires us to be vigilant.

We can't be victims anymore.

Anything worth having, is worth fighting for. That means our stories have to make it to superiors. It also means they have to make it to the public conscious. To the news. To social media. To your local elected officials during a public forum.

When terrible things happen to us, we often go into a shell. We clam up & don't let anybody see our pain. Police violence is damaging to the psyche. It hurts because when up against state power, we feel helpless.


No more.

Find a way to share that pain with us in the community. Be heard. There is strength in numbers. Many of us share your pain & have similar stories.

Then we go to the source of this pain. TOGETHER. As a community.

We will no longer be held hostage by an entity we pay taxes to literally exist.

Instead, we will go from victim to victory.

All power to the people.

Stay strong. We got this.

Love is love❤️

Jeffrey Bulls

President and Co-founder

Saginaw CAP

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